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Online Resources

The following are links to some useful online resources. Although I have listed most under specific BC curriculum courses, they can be used across level and geography. Please inform me if a link is broken or if I am missing a great resource. My deepest gratitude to the dedicated educators who created these resources.

Teaching is not a lost art, but the regard for it is a lost tradition. Jacques Barzun

Early Literacy

Social Studies 9
Horrible Histories: Napoleon Bonaparte Video
The History Channel: Napoleon Animation Video
The Highland Clearances Website
The French Revolution Part 1 Powerpoint
The French Revolution Part 2 Powerpoint
Women in the Industrial Revolution Powerpoint
Horrible Histories: Children in the Industrial Revolution Video
Potato Famine, Highland Clearances, and Emigration Website
The Fur Trade and The Hudson’s Bay Company Website
Canada’s First Peoples Website
The Regions of Canada Explore the website.

Science 9
Introduction to the Atom Khan Academy
Groups of the Periodic Table Khan Academy
Bonding Khan Academy
Parts of the Cell Khan Academy
DNA Vocab Khan Academy
Mitosis and Meiosis Khan Academy
Meiosis Video
Meiosis! Interactive model
Meiosis vs. Mitosis Video
Meiosis vs. Mitosis Another video
Science 9 Practice Tests

Foundations & Precalculus 10
Worksheets, Videos, and Practice Tests The entire course from the Coquitlam district
Lessons and Quizzes Coquitlam district. Lessons on the left, quizzes on the right
The Entire Course Explained The Unofficial Guide by Mr. Mabillard.

Science 10
Canada’s Boreal Forest Fact Sheet
Atomic Number and Mass Education Portal
The Periodic Table Education Portal
Octet Rule and Lewis Structures Education Portal
Ions Education Portal
Lewis Diagrams Education Portal
Naming Ionic Compounds Education Portal
Writing Formulas for Ionic Compounds Education Portal
Naming Covalent Compounds Education Portal
Balancing Chemical Equations Education Portal
Balancing Chemical Equations Practice Online Quiz
More Balancing Chemical Equations Practice Questions
Types of Seismic Waves Includes diagrams.
Types of Seismic Waves Check out the interactive links at the bottom of the page
Interactive S-P Lag Time Graph
Displacement Velocity and Time Khan Academy
The Moving Man Interactive simulation showing the relationship between speed, velocity, and acceleration
Position-Time vs. Distance-Time Graphs The website provides an overview of the basics of motion
Interactive Velocity vs. Speed Graph Explore the website for more interactive physics tools
Motion Definitions and Concepts Video
Science 10 Course Online by Mrs. Moore
Interactive Physics Classroom All topics covered in your Grade 10 course
Provincial Exam Study Guide Unit 1: Ecology
Provincial Exam Study Guide Unit 2: Chemistry
Provincial Exam Study Guide Unit 3: Motion
Provincial Exam Study Guide Unit 4: Earth Science

Social Studies 10
Women in the 19th Century The Ottawa Citizen, June 28, 1927
Women’s Suffrage The Canadian Encyclopedia
History of the Status of Women in Canada The Canadian Encyclopedia
The Regions of Canada Explore the rest of the website
The Entire Course Online Powerpoints, the textbook, review questions

Precalculus 11 
Precalculus Course Explore the blue menu on the left. The pdf files are easier than the mini clips.
Graphs of Trigonometric Functions Khan Academy
Transformations of Trigonometric Functions OnlineMathLearning
Graphing Trigonometric Functions Tutorial
Grade 11 Functions Final Review (Ontario) A succinct reference of basic rules and skills
Rational Expressions Worksheet Final test review
Factoring Polynomials Tutorial
The Box Method for Factoring a Polynomial
Interactive Trigonometry Explore trigonometric ratios and functions
Trigonometry Practice Test Answer key included

Social Studies 11
Sample Provincial Exam
Sample Provincial Exam Answers
Notes from Counterpoints Textbook Study guide for the exam
Provincial Exam Review Quizzes and how to interpret cartoons
Map Analysis: Europe Before and After WWI Worksheet

Precalculus 12
The Entire Course Explained The Unofficial Guide by Mr. Mabillard.

SAT Math
SAT Math by Khan Academy
SAT Math Formula Sheet
SAT Math Practice Questions

The OWL @ Purdue Purdue University’s Online Writing Lab MLA & APA Guides
FAQs Youth2Youth

Math – Various Levels 
Fun Based Learning Algebra and chemistry games at the middle and secondary levels
OnlineMathLearning Teach and learn math
Math Quizzes Grades 8-12. From Thomas Haney S.S. in Maple Ridge.
Wired Math Games, lessons, exercises and more for Grades 7-10
Practice Tests Math 8 & 9
Math Enrichment Activities University of Cambridge
Online Graphing Calculator Free & Awesome
Math is Fun Because math IS fun
Line of Best Fit Interactive Regression analysis and line of best fit

Science – Various Levels
Cell Biology Interactive animations of different topics in cell biology, all levels
The Complete Book of Chemistry Quizzes Volume 1 High school
Practice Tests Science 8 & 9
Genes to Cognition Check out “Targeted Content: 3D Brain.”

Geology/Geography – Various Levels 
The Rock Cycle From BBC Bitesize
The Rock Cycle Interactive From Annenberg Learner Everything geology

Language Arts – Various Levels Poems, biographies, study guides and teacher lesson plans
Interactive Essay Map Build and print your own essay concept map

The Canadian Atlas Online Explore Canadian geography
Canada: A People’s History The full CBC documentary on YouTube
The Canadian Encyclopedia THE Source for all things Canadian
100 Greatest Events in Canadian History A great timeline
WhereAreTheChildren? An interactive project to address the long-term implications of the residential school system
BC Sample Provincial Exams

Other Learning Resources
Khan Academy The pioneer of online learning. You don’t have to sign in to start learning, just click on “Learn”.
Google Search Infographic Make your web searches more effective with these advanced search options
The Physics Classroom Great for interactive resources and clear explanations
Wolfram Demonstrations Project This website provides more than a thousand interactive demonstrations of concepts in science, math, technology, even art. You need to download the CDF player, which is available for free on the website.


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